Architectural Engineering

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Airwater Engineering has a highly qualified team of experts and professionals in design and architectural engineering support field that can assist in a wide variety of architectural design for renovations, retrofits and tenant fit-ups.

Our committed and experienced associates bring an exceptional level of expertise to every project. The Project Team evaluates the existing facilities to determine the alterations necessary to the architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural systems to support new equipment installation or equipment upgrades, access to mechanical rooms, space available for mechanical and electrical equipment installation, with attention to functional adaptability and architectural code compliance.

We actively participate in commissioning at the end of construction process. Our areas of expertise and experience include: report of current conditions and assessment of replacement or repair over the short, medium and long terms of architectural elements, including furnishings, comprehensive building assessment and develop a facilities strategy, a master repair plan and update of the recommendations in key reports, provide an overview of the existing condition of a building in relation to architectural components, value engineering and budgeting for repair or replacement of facilities.

Our professional experts will visit the project site, survey, analyze and verify the availability and capacity of services needed, identify the codes, regulation and standards that apply, assist in proposing architectural options, analysis and recommendations especially related to a building envelope (walls, roof, floor, doors), investigate the building envelope to address vapour barrier, envelope tightness and envelope suitability for a required environmental variables and humidity level.

Our team of architects will ensure that your project is well thougt-out and its design incorporates the unique qualities that are the halmark of sound architectural practices. AirWater Engineering architectural design consultants engineer with efficency, simplicity of design and quality as the corner stones of their architectural engineering.