Option Analysis

Option analysis indicate advantages and disadvantages of each proposed option in light of costing, code and standards compliance, engineering, occupant’s processes and possible future construction constrains.

Typically, for each project AirWater Engineering provides 3 options considered by consultant’s team and the Owner.

Project Planners recommend various configurations of the proposed options and indicate them on sketches and line diagrams.  Function analysis, feasibility, value engineering and brainstorming techniques are used during our investigation in order to choose an optimum solution not strictly based on costs.

Project requirements are identified, prioritized, presented and evaluated until complete agreement amongst the Project Team isachieved. The Owner is an integral part of the review process and has valuable influence in developing the concept and the composition of the newly proposed solution. The client thus becomes an integral part of the design requirements and solutions process.


The most important benefit that AirWater Engineering brings to our clients is the extensive experience and leadership of our Project Team. Our professional resources have been providing engineering design, professional services and engineering support for building facility system services for over 25 years.

In order to facilitate communications among all design disciplines the investigations will be subdivided into building system components which create a comprehensive model of the project. In the early stages of evaluation of the systems the model creates a framework for understanding the project in building component terms. It also provides a checklist to ensure that all project components are adequately covered in each of the preliminary evaluations. The systems model becomes a very useful analytical tool in comparing the project proposed options to historical performance data of the existing facility systems.

The existing building facilities systems are investigated in order to evaluate and analyze operational efficiency and maintainability. A report summarizes findings from the site surveys, a review of applicable codes, regulation guidelines and a review of the latest research on the best common practices, and state-of-art solutions for operations and maintenance.  More specifically, the report discusses critical elements of architectural, mechanical, electrical and other building systems, and their importance in the building facilities.